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Realistic Self Defense

Learn what works on the street, on concrete, in your home or on the train, possibly against an armed assailant & their friends.

Learn skills to protect yourself & your family.


  • They choose when & where.
  • You will not have any protective equipment on.
  • You will not be paired with someone in your weight class.
  • They can bite, stab, spit, taser, peppers pray, shoot, you name it!


  • Women's Intro to Self-defense Class

  • Sponsored Women's Class by Woodhaven Business Improvement District

  • Learn Effective Skills

  • 6 Week Warrior Challenge

  • Fun & Non Competitive

Women's Intro to Self-defense Class

Sponsored Women's Class by Woodhaven Business Improvement District

Learn Effective Skills

6 Week Warrior Challenge

Fun & Non Competitive

self defense women's class realistic krav maga bjj

A Self-defense Program Made for Busy New Yorkers


"It's practical, realistic and sorely needed. An interactive course on how to defend
yourself in all types of violent scenarios utilizing maneuvers, defensive and
offensive tactics to protect yourself."


"I think everyone needs these skills to protect themselves and loved ones."


"This class is realistic and for all body types. It was fun, empowering, easy to follow and a safe space to make mistakes and ask questions."


"Extremely comprehensive and perfect for any level of self-defense instruction, it teaches for any scenario of defense."


"I took my first defense course with @s.p.i.n.defensesystem a few weeks ago and it was life changing."


"It was an amazing class. Honest, Exciting, Action Packed. It's a damn movie. I didn't realize I had as much power as I have now learned I do."


"I recommend @s.p.i.n.defensesystem they are inclusive for all backgrounds and
also conscious of previous trauma and not triggering it."


"I enjoyed fighting against the knife. I was surprised with how much weight I could take down."


"Realistic, encouraging, no-bullshit and worth the money."


"Feel more in control. Theoretical applications were the best part of the class. If I were still a student, I'd recommend it to the freshman as an option for orientation."


"Most surprised by the power of minimal moves. This is essential for living in NYC, a course that is welcoming, warm and safe for all people. A full introduction to
self-defense, individualized support."


"I would recommend this course 10000000%. It's always best to be prepare just in case. Fun, informative and definitely a necessary resource."


"Amazing! Useful! Very Important! Getting to know how strong I am and that I can take down someone twice my size with small precise movements. Amazing course,
content and teachers!!!"


"Fun! I enjoyed the hands on techniques. Very informative. Different when you're taking an actual course vs. watching films. I feel empowered."


"I would recommend this course 100%. I want to express how safe I feel now. It's effective, thrilling, fun, realistic."


"I enjoyed the entire class. Everyone is very friendly, patient and encouraging. It's great fun, informative and real life!"


“I'm always impressed with how much stronger I am. I retained a lot of what I learned and feel confident if I were put in a situation that I could get myself out and get away."


"Educational, interesting, life saving skills."


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Learn Realistic Ground Fighting

Patient personalized instruction. Family environment.

Learn Realistic Weapon Defenses

If you watch the news or are on social media you see how often weapons are utilized in assaults.

Krav Maga & Combatives

Learn a well rounded self-defense system that's realistic and practical.

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Our curriculum can be customized to address the needs of your staff or added to your current corporate Wellness Program.